Wood Bamboo Cutting Board – Set of 3 – 3-PIECE PREMIUM VALUE PACK – 1 XL Extra Large, 1 Medium, 1 Small Wooden Chopping Cutting Boards Sets for Kitchen, Fruit, Vegetables, BBQ, Meat

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- 10% Wood Bamboo Cutting Board – Set of 3 – 3-PIECE PREMIUM VALUE PACK – 1 XL Extra Large, 1 Medium, 1 Small Wooden Chopping Cutting Boards Sets for Kitchen, Fruit, Vegetables, BBQ, Meat
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Wood Bamboo Cutting Board – Set of 3 – 3-PIECE PREMIUM VALUE PACK – 1 XL Extra Large, 1 Medium, 1 Small Wooden Chopping Cutting Boards Sets for Kitchen, Fruit, Vegetables, BBQ, Meat



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Product Description

Bamboo Cutting Board SetBamboo Cutting Board Set


Bamboo Cutting Board SetBamboo Cutting Board Set

We aren’t just the leading creators of healthy bamboo kitchen products. We’re a family (as in a mom, a dad and one quickly growing little one) that believe health begins in your home kitchen. And because natural products support your family’s health, and our planet, we realize there simply isn’t anywhere better to start than with sustainable bamboo cutting boards you’ll love using every day.

Our Raw Bamboo cutting boards are easy to clean just hand wash with warm soapy water after each use and towel dry. Note: Bamboo wood products are not dishwasher safe.

Every Greener Chef Bamboo Board:

· Sourced from human rights certified growers

· Raw, natural, sustainably grown and sustainably harvested

· Preserves bamboos natural surface

ABOUT US: Greener Chef is a teeny-tiny family brand run solely by a whole-foods nutritionist (me, Laura), her superhero hubby (Brent), and their little one. We share your passion for natural food + family life. Thank you for supporting our cleaner, greener products and our family!

100% Transparent – 100% Clean – 100% Moso Bamboo

Bamboo Cutting Board SetBamboo Cutting Board Set

While most true-wooden cutting boards have to ‘green wash’ their products to make them appear sustainable, ours truly are. In fact, they aren’t even wood. They’re crafted from bamboo’s rapidly growing grass!

Fun Fact: Did you know bamboo isn’t a traditional tree wood? It’s actually one of the

tallest, toughest members of the grass family!

Gorgeous Kitchen Gear that Shows You Care

Designed to protect your health and the earth’s, owning a Greener Chef Cutting Board has become a mark of status; people who care about the environment realize it’s a solid testament to how much effort you put into reducing your carbon footprint and restoring our planet.

Did we mention we’re transparent? We WANT you to see every detail behind the scenes, just like we want to for every product we “vote for” every time we buy something new.

The clean and simple construction of our bamboo products involves:

· water-steaming bamboo strips (naturally cleans, colors + makes pliable)

· forming + compressing the bamboo strips

· cutting + sanding (shapes + smooths board surface)



Cutting BoardsCutting Boards

Preserve Your Knives

Elevate Your Experience

Don’t risk warping, dulling, or chipping your knives on plastic, glass, acacia, teak or metal cutting boards. This bamboo cutting board strikes the ideal balance; soft enough to preserve knives razor sharp edge with a heavy duty toughness that ensures you can cut using that ultra-sharp knife without marrying the cutting boards surface.

Cutting Boards for KitchenCutting Boards for Kitchen

One Set

Does It All

We get it. Some people just prefer dedicated cutting boards for each type of food; one for meat, one for veggies, and one for fruit. Or maybe you’re a tofu person. Here it doesn’t matter, because these Heavy-Duty workhorses boast a natural surface that wipes clean with ease. So even if your kid uses ‘the meat board’ for fruits, your family stays healthy and safe.

Cutting BoardsCutting Boards



With unrivaled versatility, stylish natural grain pattern, and a light refracting depth that looks great on your counters, it’s no wonder this is the gift so many come back and get for that special chef, beloved family member, appreciated coworker or anyone who values a balance between quality, beauty and usefulness for their birthday, housewarming gift, and Mother’s Day.



Lifetime Warranty – Money Back Guarantee – The last bamboo cutting board set you’ll ever need, guaranteed, in 3 “Just the Right Sizes”; 1 Extra Large Bamboo Cutting Board (18 x 12.5″, 3.5lbs) 1 Medium Sustainable Bamboo Wood Cutting Board (14.5 x 11.5″, 2lbs) and 1 Small Wooden Cutting Board (12 x 9″, 1.5lbs) to satisfy every creation & craving.
Superior Quality, Amazing Value – Buy 2, Get 1 Free when you invest in the heavy duty wood cutting boards for kitchen. specially sized & engineered for doing it all – Preparing and carving giant smokehouse BBQ & turkey, to chopping fruit, filleting fish, creating veggie platters and serving hors devours. and while bamboo is the tallest, toughest grass on the planet, this board has just enough give to protect your razor sharp knives.
Side 1 – Zero mess, awesome gravy: deep juice grooves on side 1 of this XL, medium and small wooden cutting board ensure your countertops stay acid, damage, and mess free while capturing those delicious juices your family loves enjoying as gravy, dressing, basting and au jus.
Side 2 – Stylish, elegant, impressive: just imagine how gorgeous your families favorite spreads look atop the flat side of these charcuterie boards at parties – The ideal set of 3 bamboo cutting boards for presenting impeccable finger foods with flair.
Planet Friendly – For big hearts & healthy lifestyles: if you love your family, your health and the planet, these are the chopping board sets to get. crafted from naturally organic, quickly renewable bamboo; prized for its all natural properties, and 100% safe making these cutting boards for kitchen a top choice for those who actually care about their health, family and the environment.

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