Night Driving Glasses Blue Light Blocking Photochromic HD Night Vision Polarized Computer Game Glasses,Glasses Case Included

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Night Driving Glasses Blue Light Blocking Photochromic HD Night Vision Polarized Computer Game Glasses,Glasses Case Included


Price: $23.98
(as of Nov 28,2021 21:30:05 UTC – Details)

Product Description


AoHeng glasses,always believe in innovation to change the future


About AoHeng

Thank you for visiting AoHeng,AoHeng is a brand committed to innovation and relying on competitive analysis to sell products.Use our own eyes to feel different glasses and always provide our customers with the best products and services.

Impetuous e-commerce platform,we use competing product analysis that will not deceive your eyes to win customer trust and live up to every customer’s visit..

AoHeng night driving computer game photochromic glasses

This innovative product is dedicated to eliminating yellow night vision glasses that worsen vision.

Here we explain with a simple description that the customer must think is correct.

1.No one really likes the yellow world,this is human instinct, we are only used to the world with real colors

2.No one really likes yellow glare,because yellow is the brightest color, so yellow glare is even more dazzling.

3.Wearing too dark color lens may also increase the risk of color weakness(partially colorblind) over time.

4.For a more detailed and more professional description,please see the main product picture.

Ask our customers a simple question:If our fluorescent lamp is made to emit yellow light,can you accept it?

So in fact,the yellow night vision garbage brings us a dull and depressing visual experience,and it brings us disgusting yellow glare.

So AoHeng wants to say:No glasses can be separated from the design concept of restoring the true colors of the world, we have always done this.

Use facts to prove that yellow night vision glasses and yellow-green night vision glasses are garbage.Please see the picture comparative analysis.

AoHeng night driving glasses made these efforts for our customers’ experience

1.Use photochromic amber lenses to completely solve the problem of high chromatic aberration of yellow night vision glasses,restore the true colors of the world,and bring our customers the most real night vision experience and the best visual experience.

2.Add professional anti-blue light function to solve the invisible hazard of high-energy blue light in automotive LED headlights,bringing our customers first-class eye fatigue relief.

3.High light transmittance ensures safe driving vision and greatly reduces the dazzling glare of car headlights.

4.Since we have restored the true colors of the world,our night driving glasses can be used as blue light blocking glasses

Achieve the lowest color difference (color is not distorted),the highest anti-blue light rate (85%).

Professional polarized anti-glare lens,the best anti-glare experience.

High light transmittance,clear and bright vision.

It is also the first choice for office workers and gamers to protect their eyes

5.Our night driving glasses can be used as ordinary photochromic glasses

Friends who need to buy sunglasses,please be sure not to buy photochromic sunglasses.In sunny days,if you experience it carefully, the experience of photochromic glasses will always be much worse than sunglasses.


Our glasses frame materials are available in aluminum-magnesium and negative ion designs.

1.Features of Aluminum Magnesium Glasses Frame

Every moment the aluminum-magnesium glasses have a spring hinge design to ensure comfortable wearing.

1.1. Compared with the metal frame,the weight is relatively light;

1.2. Corrosion and sweat resistance;

1.3. High strength and compression resistance;

1.4. High wear resistance; 5. Safety and environmental protection.

2.Features of anion glasses frame

2.1TR90 is a kind of memory polymer material.It is the most popular ultra-light frame material in the world.It has the characteristics of super toughness, collision and wear resistance,low friction coefficient,etc.

2.2Eyeglass frame negative ion content is about 2000,the number is stable,enjoy the”vitamin in the air”and other good name,they can increase oxygen content,increase circulation around the eyes,strengthen metabolism,make our eyes more comfortable and bright.

3.High-end large glasses case,Customization cycle 1 month



Except for hard work,we never take shortcuts

Since we can get a comparative experience,then we know what is truly a good product. If you can find an eyewear brand that works so hard like us, this is the only reason you don’t have to choose AoHeng. Of course, you will never find it. .

Online shopping can never get a comparative experience. AoHeng has to do all kinds of things that rubbish brands are not willing to do for our customers.

We designed night driving glasses from the perspective of visual experience, glare treatment, safe driving vision, eye fatigue relief, and considering many factors to find the best balance.

Package Dimensions‏:‎8.4 x 3.2 x 1.7 inches; 8.01 Ounces
Date First Available‏:‎September 7, 2019

photochromatic lens
Lens width: 60 millimeters
【THE PRINCIPLE OF NIGHT DRIVING GLASSES】 Anti-glare will inevitably cause light loss, so it is impossible to have clearer and brighter vision than normal vision after wearing glasses. What we have to do is to find the best balance between light loss and the best visual experience.
【THE PRINCIPLE OF NIGHT DRIVING GLASSES】 Light loss will definitely affect the safe driving vision. What we can do is to find the best visual balance between the safe driving vision and the light loss.Always ensure that the safe driving vision is not ignored.
✅We choose the best solutions for night driving lenses,high-end glasses frames,high-end hard-shell glasses cases, and only rely on competitive product analysis to sell products.It is truly a brand worth choosing.

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